List of Stock Video Sites

Whether you are a novice content creator or already consider yourself a professional, or have a content creation agency, you will agree with me on one thing:

You need high quality videos for your creative work.

As you know, the video market is booming.

YouTube and other similar platforms are growing exponentially.

banco de vídeos de stockAccording to data collected from YouTube, every day the global audience watches over 5 billion videos, and the average user session on YouTube is 40 minutes long.

It’s very likely that your audience (or your customers’) will spend some of those 40 minutes watching content created by you.

In order to increase that time, and in turn increase the income you receive for your creative projects, your content needs to get better and better.

And to achieve this, as I said before, you will need high-quality videos for your audiovisual works.

This is where a very common dilemma arises within this industry:

Do I create my own background videos or do I go to websites with stock videos?

Here my recommendation could not be clearer:

Going to websites with stock videos makes your life easier, saves you (a lot of) work, and also a lot of money.

Can you imagine that every time you needed a video for your audiovisual work you had to install the lights and cameras, hire the actors and travel to the most remote places on the planet?

It’s not practical at all, is it?

And if there were videos by independent professionals who had already done that work for you, would you like to be able to use them for a small fee (or even for free)?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, I have good news for you.

It turns out that the videos I mentioned exist and are distributed across many platforms on the Internet.

They are called stock videos.

And the reality is that there are many websites on the Internet dedicated to offering you this type of video, both for your personal and professional work.

In many of them, you will find free stock videos that will be a fantastic option if you are a first-time content creator with a small budget.

Although if you want to take your art to the next level, we will also offer you a list of the best platforms in the industry, which will provide you with the best videos in the industry and with the best quality possible.

Do you want to know the websites that will make your videos’ originality take off?

Do you also want to do it without having to spend all your budget or time?

Then, make yourself comfortable, because I will present you the list of the best websites with stock videos.

Without a doubt, the most extended list you have ever seen.

Up to 55 platforms!

And we will start by putting everything on the line.

The 6 Best Stock Video Websites

Who said the best was left to the end?

At LegisVideo we like to go like the salmon: against the current.

webs para descargar videos gratis libres de derechos de autorAnd that is why we are going to present you now the 6 platforms with the best stock material in the sector.

However, I must tell you something:

We have created a special bonus for you at the end of the article that you will love


So I recommend you to stay until the end.

But now, what do you say we start discovering these top platforms that I promised you?

Let’s do it!


Owned by music licensing giant Artlist, Artgrid is their little secret weapon for non-conformist content creators.artgrid

Since its release in 2019, it has continued in the same wake as its musical big brother, positioning itself in a very short time as one of the references in terms of stock videos.

Its website has a very intuitive design which will allow you to find the video you are looking for without the need for long hours of searching.

In addition, Artgrid has a special feature that not all platforms with stock videos can presume.

You will be able to use all the material you download from the platform during your subscription for life.

I repeat: you will be able to use all downloaded videos, for life!

Simply great, isn’t it?

Artgrid offers you up to 3 different subscription plans:

  • Artgrid Junior HD, the most basic plan of the platform.
  • Artgrid Creator 4K, the intermediate plan of Artgrid.
  • Artgrid Pro RAW/LOG, the best plan of all.

Next you will see a comparative chart between the different platforms:

Artgrid Junior HD

Artgrid Creator 4K

Artgrid Pro RAW/LOG

$24,92 per month
($299 billed annually)

$39,92 per month
($479 billed annually)

$49,92 per month
($599 billed annually)

Clips HD

Clips HD

Clips HD

H.264 format

H.264 format

H.264 format

Graded material

Graded material

Graded material

Universal Artgrid License

Universal Artgrid License

Universal Artgrid License

Unlimited downloads

Unlimited downloads

Unlimited downloads

1 year subscription plan

1 year subscription plan

1 year subscription plan


Clips 4K

Clips 4K


ProRes / DNxHR

ProRes / DNxHR


Clips RAW / LOG


Clips 8K

The prices of each of these subscriptions are annual, and if you divide it by 12 months you will know the monthly price.

But what if I told you that you could buy any of these subscriptions and save two months of their annual cost?

Or better.

And if I told you that if you subscribe through this link, you will get two months of Artgrid for free, wouldn’t you take advantage of this unique occasion?

Then don’t wait any longer: click on the button and discover Artgrid now.

Envato Elements

Are you a content creator and do not know Envato Elements? I would find it hard to believe, but if so you are in front of one of the greatest players in the digital goods market.envatoelements

Owned by Envato Markets and created in Melbourne, Australia in 2006, its rise has not stopped (and continues to do so).

Currently they have up to seven subdirectories, each one of them dedicated to a specific topic.

Among them are AudioJungle (for stock music), ThemeForest (for WordPress templates), and other “secret weapons” related to stock templates and videos. But I’ll tell you about them later.

Going back to Envato Elements, its main purpose is to make available to creators, designers, and other creative professionals an unbeatable catalog with a multitude of creative resources.

In its library you can find everything from WordPress plugins to HTML templates, photos, audio files and, of course, stock videos.

Regarding this last option -the one that interests us the most in this article- you will be able to see in its menus the amount of options you have at hand to find the videos you need.

You can filter them according to:

  • Categories
  • Minimum resolution
  • Frames Per Second (FPS)
  • Duration
  • Properties

You will also be able to perform a search by typing the keyword(s) related to the type of video you need, while you can sort them according to relevance, novelty or selection by other users.

This way, not only will take you less time to access the type of video you were looking for, but you will also find similar videos.

What about the price?“, you may ask yourself.

las mejores webs de videos de stockWell, let me tell you that I have good news. It is that its monthly cost is 14.50 euros per month (in the case that you subscribe to its services annually), or 29 euros per month if you decide to pay on a monthly basis.

During the subscription period, you can download the videos you want without any limit, as well as other products that are in their extensive catalog.

Another great advantage is that you will not be subject to any kind of long-term contract. And you can cancel your subscription at any time.

¡Envato Elements is simply awesome!

I’m sure you think so too, don’t you?

Well, then don’t wait any longer and take a look at it, you’ll love it!


Completing the podium along with the two previous ones is Placeit.

placeitAs they define it, it is “a powerful online tool that creates high quality brand and marketing assets“, especially for social networks and video slideshows.

And what is one of the number one assets used in high quality marketing?

Indeed: video.

On its platform, you can find hundreds of amazing video templates, created with care, by and for professionals.

All of them of the highest quality, so that your clients will be speechless when they see your creations.

In addition, Placeit offers you a video editor through which you can edit your creations on the same platform.

Forget about having folders full of stock videos, and even complex video editors.

An Internet connection and a subscription to Placeit will be enough to create a quality video.

Its drag-and-drop system will allow you to create endless combinations of video in seconds, and all in a ridiculously simple way.

And no, this fantastic tool does not cost $1,000, $100, or even $50 a month.

For only $14.95 / month, you can have Placeit 100% available to you, with unlimited downloads and its intuitive video editor.

Isn’t it worth paying that ridiculous amount to get one of Envato’s secret weapons?

…Ah! I didn’t tell you, did I?

Yes, Placeit is one of the secret weapons of Envato that I mentioned before (to know the next one you must wait a little bit more).

However, if you think Placeit is the service you were looking for and you want to have the best stock videos in the market at your disposal, there is no doubt: click on the button and try it out as soon as possible.

You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!


Continuing with this list of the 6 best stock video platforms we come to Videvo, which stands out for its simplicity and quality.

Videvo logoIn its video library you can find more than 15,000 video clips and motion graphics, all created by independent professionals. And the best part is that all of them can be enjoyed for free.

Yes, yes, you read that right: free!

Of course, anything you download for free from Videvo will be under the attribution license. In other words, you must mention the artist of the visual piece you use in your videos.

However, they also have premium plans, through which you can download all those videos and many more under royalty-free licenses.

One of these premium plans is called Videvo Plus, and for only $14.99 per month, you’ll enjoy benefits like:

  • Unlimited possibilities: library with thousands of premium videos at your disposal.
  • Constant news: the library grows daily with new quality clips…
  • Exclusivity: a whole collection of videos that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • HD and 4K quality: the best resolutions for your audiovisual works.
  • Not 1, not 2…but 25!: up to 25 downloads per month of the best video content.
  • No copyright issues: royalty-free licenses on all videos.
  • No advertising: videos without advertising or watermarks
  • Total control: if it does not meet your needs, you have a money-back guarantee.

And if these features don’t suit you, you can also opt for the Videvo Pro plan, at $24.99 per month, through which, apart from all the above, you can also:

  1. Download Premium Audio Files
  2. Increase the number of monthly downloads from 25 to 50

Not bad, right?

But what if I told you that Videvo has an ace up his sleeve that you’d like to try out his platform with. Would you like to know what it is?

Well then, let’s not wait any longer.

Its secret weapon is the possibility of opting for an annual payment – instead of a monthly one – through which you’ll save 20% of the subscription cost and, in addition, it will allow you to make unlimited downloads.


We’re talking about a savings of $35.88 for the Videvo Plus plan, and up to $59.88 for the Videvo Pro subscription. And all this while being able to download as many videos and audios as you want, without limit!

Isn’t that amazing?

If you think it’s a worthy offer, don’t think twice: click on the button below and start enjoying the benefits of Videvo right away.


Another jewel in the crown when it comes to stock videos is, without a doubt, Storyblocks.

This is because they are positioned as one of the most complete solutions for creators and demanding companies that seek to create authentic audiovisual works of art.

storyblocksNot only will you find a huge library of green-screen video effects, but you will also be able to access a whole collection of top-quality stock images, as well as a select compilation of top-quality audio files.

Among its payment plans, there are options.

On the one hand, there is the Basic Video plan, through which you can download a maximum of 5 videos per month in HD quality. Something simple and effective for first-time content creators.

Its cost is 19 Euros per month -for the monthly payment- or 8.25 Euros per month -in one single annual payment of 99 Euros-.

On the other hand there is the Unlimited Video plan, with which you can access unlimited videos in HD and 4K, as well as After Effects templates. A slightly more advanced subscription, for more demanding users.

Regarding the cost of this plan, it is 39 Euros per month -paid monthly- or 199 Euros -paid annually; approximately 16.58 Euros/month-.

And finally, their most popular plan: the Unlimited All Access. With this plan, besides having the same benefits as with the Unlimited Video plan, you will also be able to enjoy music, sound effects and sound loops, images, vectors and illustrations.

Everything a content creation company or a professional freelancer needs to create without limits.

It is worth mentioning that all these plans have the Storyblocks Standard License, which allows you:

  • Use and maintain downloaded content forever.
  • Have peace of mind in the face of copyright (100% royalty-free files).
  • Use downloads without distribution or production budget restrictions.

As you can see, Storyblocks is an ideal platform if you want to focus on creating content with quality material and without limitations of any kind.

So much so that they even allow you to cancel your subscription at any time. You will have complete freedom to decide which pieces you want to use in your videos, as well as how long you want to have this wonderful tool at your side.

So, what do you say: do you want to take a look at it?

Well, just click on the following button and allow yourself to take your creativity further.


Do you remember that Envato Market had two secret weapons, one of which was Placeit? Well, the time has come for you to discover the other one:: VideoHive.

videohiveThis platform, more than just a website, is a complete ecosystem, and then you will understand why.

When you enter it, there are two things that call your attention:

  • Its menus, with many options for the most used video editors
  • Its more than 1,780,080 video effects and footage

From this you can deduce that it is one of the biggest libraries with stock videos at an international level.

But also that VideoHive is only a part of the Envato Market ecosystem, in which you will have at your disposal the best platforms for any creative part you need.

From WordPress themes and web templates, to code scripts, graphic elements, images, 3D textures, or music licenses.

But if we focus on the video part -the one that interests us- it is practically unbeatable.
biblioteca de videos sin copyright gratis

Once you enter that library with over a million and a half stock videos and templates you realize the magnitude that VideoHive has achieved over the years.

You’re sure to find the video you need, whatever the theme, resolution, framerate, or any other filter you want to add to your search.

Also, unlike the other platforms I’ve introduced you to before, there is no monthly or annual subscription on VideoHive.

It’s getting more to the point: if you see a video you like, you buy it, period.

You don’t need to be paying for a subscription that you may not be able to get as much of as you could right now.

However, videos usually start at an average price of around $15 per video. However, you can also get them for a little more (and a little less) than that.

VideoHive is one of the best (if not the best) options for any type of content creator.

Its library is huge: video templates such as openers, backgrounds, promotions and product titles, motion graphics, thousands of green screen video backgrounds… and much more!

But just so you see what I mean, it’s best to check it out with your own eyes.


By clicking on the button below.

Just make yourself comfortable and enjoy it. You’ll be surprised!

Stock Video Websites: The 16 Best Alternatives

Apart from those mentioned above, there are many other options on the Internet where you can download stock videos for your audiovisual works.

It should be pointed out that the platforms that I will present below do not usually offer videos of such quality as the previous 6, nor will they offer most of their facilities and benefits.

That said, you may not need the best standards when it comes to finding videos for your professional work (even though it is highly recommended in order to grow the quality of your works).

If that is your case, the following platforms may be exactly what you are looking for.

Do you want to discover them?

Then let’s do it!



This is one of the best alternatives to the previous platforms.

Filmsupply presents its library as one with “archive material for exceptional creatives”.

In fact, it positions itself as a movement to license material from the best filmmakers in the world, whose quality is undeniable.

Among its pieces you will find royalty-free videos, and you will be able to filter them according to frame, camera speed, movement and many others to make your creative work magnificent.

An option worth taking a look at.

Getty Stock Images


Getty Stock Images is a platform with high quality images and videos.

In fact, they have been used in many YouTube videos and current documentaries, to name a few examples.

The fact is that they carry out coverage of events with celebrities to which not everyone has access.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best options available on the Internet, after those already mentioned.

They also have a partner that we will see below.

BBC Motion Gallery


If you need historical material or videos with authenticity, the BBC Gallery you will find in Getty Stock will delight you.

It is, in its own words, “a unique collection that spans from the first BBC broadcast in 1922 to the present day”.

In its collection, you will have more than 125,000 clips at your disposal, with express licenses to choose from.

In addition, it gives you the chance to enjoy over one million hours of BBC Broadcast Archive films available on demand. Real video gems.

They have a large collection of videos on various themes for you to use as you wish. However, you will have to pay for the download depending on the use you are going to give it.



CuteStockFootage is a site with stock videos, as well as other material that will be useful in both commercial and personal projects.

The platform has a search engine in which you will need to mark the option ‘video’ so that it does not show you other types of files.

When you find a video that catches your attention you will be able to see how many times other users have seen it, as well as how many times they have downloaded it.

This is something that can give you a clue about how good it can be.

Most of their material is usually free, however I recommend that you take a look at the license type of each file so that you can use it with full guarantees of use.

Motion Array


Motion Array is known within the community of content creators as one of the best alternatives to the top platforms. They present themselves to their audience as the all-in-one web for film and video producers.

And rightly so, because apart from having more than 150,000 files to choose from, you will also have at your disposal everything from stock moving graphics to exclusive plugins or video collaboration and review tools, and even a web portfolio builder.

It is true that many of these options will be available in the paid version. However, you can also download many of their files for free, which you can easily find through their effective filters.

And the best of all: you will be able to use their files in any type of audiovisual project without the need of mentions or additional fees. Isn’t it great?

Adobe Stock


Did you know that Adobe, the leading company in the publishing software industry, also had its own library of archival material?

Yes, it does. Its website dedicated to this, Adobe Stock, will allow you to find from images, audio files, illustrations, templates, and of course, stock videos.

To get straight to the point with the videos, you can choose the “Video” filter in the search menu and look for the subject on which you want to find the piece.

In addition, of each sale they make, 35% will be to reward the producers for their excellent work. Without a doubt a great option to find quality pieces.



His name says it all. Motion Places is a website dedicated to stock footage in motion from different places around the world.

In fact, when you enter their website, they themselves offer you a filter of the most emblematic places on the globe: from countries like the United States or Canada, to continents like Europe or Asia, as well as their main cities (New York, Barcelona, Tokyo…).

In addition to the place, you can also find videos according to the season of the year, the background color, or the theme of the video (Rural, Aerial, Time Lapse, Slow Motion, etc.)

To download your material for free in HD quality you will need to be registered on the platform. You will be able to use their pieces in commercial, personal, or publishing projects, although you will need to attribute the work.

However, if you prefer to go further, they have a paid version in which each video costs $99. It will be in 4K quality and, besides having the same advantages of use as in the free version, you will not need to make any attribution.

An option for those looking for more professionalism.

Beachfront B Roll


Another platform with good quality animated backgrounds is Beachfront B Roll.

This website is known among the community for providing free material without the need to attribute the author.

What is not entirely clear is the type of license their files have, although it seems that you can download and use them as you wish.

You will have access to a small but creative library with videos hosted on YouTube that you can filter by category or theme among others.



Freestock is a platform that offers, free of charge, photos, icons, vectors and, of course, video.

These videos have a high quality and you can preview them by simply passing the mouse cursor over the video. Something that makes it easy and fast to choose the video you were looking for.

It also proposes an effective search menu at the top that will speed up the process even more.

Although its collection cannot compete with other websites in the sector, it is constantly growing and new files are added every month.

Moreover, you can download as many as you want at zero cost. You will need to attribute the work to Freestock (a small form of gratitude for their great work, right?).



SplitShire is one of those platforms with a peculiar touch. Its founder, Daniel Nanescu, created the web with a very different objective to the current one.

At that time, he wanted to share his personal videos through this website, although nowadays it has become a platform with stock photos.

Despite this, you can also find free videos for personal and commercial use, hosted on YouTube and divided into categories where you can even find videos made with drones.

However, when you do a search, it is very possible that you will find many more photos than videos, so it is preferable to use this platform to search for images.

National Park Service Multimedia Archive


Although it may seem strange that a website dedicated to the National Parks of the United States can offer stock videos, it is quite real.

Through its multimedia archive, you can find free material related to nature and animals, both in audio and video format.

Many of these files are in the public domain – those without any copyright symbols – however, others will be protected by copyright.

In order to use them, you will need to contact the park or host program and find out who the owner of the piece is.

This way you can contact him or her directly and obtain the appropriate licenses.



Do you need movement funds? Then IgniteMotion is possibly what you need.

In their catalog you will find dozens of HD quality motion videos, both for personal and commercial use, and best of all: free!

You can search for the perfect video by category, or perhaps get carried away by the popularity based on user opinion.

Most of their videos are hosted on YouTube and are 1-2 minutes long.

ISO Republic


ISO Republic has an extensive collection of royalty-free videos that you can use in any type of project without attribution.

All videos are short, unlike files on other platforms. However, you have a lot of possibilities to find the video you need.

To do so, just use the search menus and filter by video. Otherwise you will find many stock images as well.

But be careful! Files from the Shutterstock platform are also often shown, and these are not free. So keep this in mind.

Motion Elements Freebies


MotionElements is one of the websites with the largest library of stock videos on the Internet.

They currently have more than 3 million videos, a number that continues to increase month by month.

You can choose to access their stock video section for free, with more than 4,000 audiovisual pieces of different qualities.

However, you can only download 5 free videos per week by registering on their platform.

But if you want to have access to those 3 million clips for commercial use, then you will need to go through the checkout.

My recommendation: if you want real premium material, better choose one of the 6 platforms I presented at the beginning of the article.

Clipstill Cinemagraphs


Clipstill is a platform focused on providing cinemagraphs shots: still images with a slight movement in a loop.

They have a large collection of these types of files, which is updated every month with new pieces in SD and HD.

However, they also have some cinemagraphs for free download that you can use in your personal and commercial projects without the need of attribution.

All you have to do is register and start downloading. Easy, isn’t it?



It arrives powerfully a new platform dedicated to offering a wide collection of free photos and videos: Pinkwizard.

On this site you will have no limitation to download and use the material for whatever use (personal or professional), and without the need to create an account!

However, you should know that some of the files you will find are property of Shutterstock.

You will not know which piece belongs to that platform and which does not, except when, by clicking, you are redirected to their website to buy the video or photo in question.

In spite of this, it seems like a site with a fresh and renewed air to which you may deserve to give it a try.

Do you still want more? Well…

…you already know us (and how we do it):

At LegisVideo, if you want more, we give you more!

So here we go!

Below you will find a list with, no more and no less than… 16 new websites with royalty-free videos!

So that you don’t lack options when it comes to finding the material you need for your creative works.

Let’s discover them!

  • OrangeHD. Another small library of free stock videos with a multitude of categories: from time lapping or slow motion to animals or even a Christmas theme. Note: They require mention and are not available for commercial use, as they are under Creative Commons license.
  • Mitch Martinez. This is a professional artist who is dedicated to photography, as well as sharing on its website all kinds of articles, images and videos of their own creation. You will be able to download for free a large part of his content for personal use. However, if you fill in a form that you will find on the website, you can also use the material for commercial use. However, it is necessary to attribute it to the artist.
  • Movie Tools. This is a website with a lot of 2D and 3D background animations, all of them free for personal use, although if you need material for commercial videos you can also buy an HD version through
  • FootageCrate. It is a part of a whole creative market place like Production Crate. Here you will have at your disposal a large number of useful files for your videos: transitions, effects, textures, sequences, etc. However, you can only download 5 files per day for free, or purchase a pro membership for unlimited access.
  • OpenFootage. A great source of free videos under Creative Commons license (requires attribution), all low resolution with a multitude of textures, 3D scans, HDRI panoramas, smoke or fire, among many others. It is possible to obtain them with high resolution (and without attribution) in exchange for a (little) monthly fee.
  • Monzoom. With a section dedicated to stock videos -called ‘Freebies’-, Monzoom provides you with backgrounds and introductions in video format that you can use in your projects, and without the need for attribution! It also makes available a large amount of premium content through its paid subscription.
  • The Open Video Project. This is a digital collection of shared videos from many different sources. Among them, some of the stature of NASA or the United States Government. You should be careful because no copyright permission has been obtained for their files. Therefore, we do not recommend using them in commercial projects.
  • Story & Heart. More than a platform, a global community of filmmakers whose passion goes beyond the limits. Its offer is focused on footage and the preservation of history. It also has a great search engine with filters that will allow you to find the videos you need.
  • Detonation Films. Its name says it all: it is a website that designs images and effects of detonations, bullet impacts, explosions or fireballs, among others. Most files are free -you’ll need to put a ‘0’ where it says “Name A Fair Price”-, although you can also choose their HD quality versions at a fairly affordable price.
  • Bottled Video. If you have been in the audiovisual creation sector for some time, you may have heard of the Wrightwood platform, one of the first platforms for exchanging images. Well, Bottled Video is the website that has taken over. You will be able to find free stock videos, although you may find it hard to work with due to the confusion with their licenses.
  • Do you have the script for the content you need for your project at hand? Then with, it will be very easy for you. Why? Because when you search on a subject, the platform automatically searches the main collections of videos and images in the world. It will be difficult to find something more simple.
  • Dissolve. With easy and intuitive web design, in addition to its collection of videos and archive images, Dissolve is positioned as a great option to expand your video library. Using its magnificent filters and its search engine there is no doubt that you will find fantastic videos that will give a different touch to your creative works.
  • 123RF. If you are a content creation agency, with this platform it will be very easy for you to create and share file material with other members of your team. Through their monthly and annual subscriptions, you will have access to this fantastic tool, as well as its extensive archive library.
  • Rocketstock Freebies. Rocketstock is a commercial website whose proposal is to offer a large collection of files that provide an original touch to your videos. In it, you can find its ‘Freebies’ section to download free After Effect templates, Premiere Pro titles, and other elements without having to register. Just click and download.
  • Cheapish Travel. Do you like the typical shots with drones, underwater videos, slow motion clips, and other adventurous type videos? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll find at Cheapish Travel. First-class material recorded by its creator, Tom Stickland, when he makes his characteristic trips. Click and find the free material available (and new videos every month!)

Videos de Stock Gratuitos Sin Derechos De Autor

[BONUS] The Best Platforms with Free Stock Videos

You thought we were done, right?

Well, we still have the icing on the cake.

If you thought this article was already epic, now we’re going to make it legendary.

So that you don’t say that we fall short, here we bring you the definitive list to turn this article into the definitive guide on stock videos.

Pay attention!

It’s possible that, in all the list of stock video websites we’ve given you, you missed some of them as well known as Pixabay, Pexels, Mazwai, ClipCanvas or Pond5, to name a few of the most famous ones.

And there’s an explanation for that:

We have already compiled them in another super guide dedicated only to the best 17 platforms with free stock footage.

Some of them also have additional payment plans where you can find stock videos with higher quality and better licenses.

So, if you want to discover each of these 17 platforms, just click on the link you just saw.

Don’t miss them!

websites con videos de archivo


Well, there you have it!

As I promised at the beginning of the article, here are the 55 best stock video sites:

  • The 6 best platforms in the sector
  • The 15 best alternatives
  • 16 more options to complete the collection
  • The 17 best sites with free videos, for a legendary ending

You have already seen throughout the guide that all platforms offer stock videos, but each one has its own way of doing it, as well as its own videos and personality that makes them unique.

At LegisVideo we know that you may be tempted to save some money by trying to download free material.

However, we must warn you of one important thing:

Finding the video or stock videos that you like, and that you can also use commercially, requires time, a lot of time.

And time, as a content creator, is your most precious asset.

Your time is worth much more than the little money you can devote to professional platforms with the best stock videos.

We are talking, of course, about:

All of them are platforms that offer you, not only the highest video quality, or the best tools for the design of your video, but the maximum amount of stock videos, as well as the best guarantees in terms of licensing and commercial use.

You’ve even seen that some of them offer free trial periods or promotions with discounts that you won’t see anywhere else.

So, choose the one that has caught your attention the most, and take your career as a content creator to the next level.

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