Drone & Aerial Footage

Whether you have a small business and want to cause a ‘WOW’ effect on your clients, or you are an independent professional who wants to create stunning videos, there is one type of video that cannot be missed in your projects: aerial videos.

Aerial video is literally a moving image captured from the air.

Want to see an example? Then ‘play’ and enjoy.

Years ago, these videos were tremendously expensive to record, because you needed to rent a helicopter to get the best shots. Or you could jump with a parachute and record the video during the fall.

However, with the development of technology and the rise of drones, it is much cheaper and easier to get videos with impressive videos.

los mejores vídeos aéreosBesides, from a business point of view, this type of video has become an essential tool for any company or professional who uses video as a way to communicate with their customers.

Few videos cause the amazing effect of feeling like you’re flying like the videos recorded from the drones.

Using aerial videos in your productions will allow your potential clients to enjoy a trip from a totally original and striking perspective.

You will be able to narrate a fascinating story from a bird’s eye view, being able to project them into that destination and awaken their most adventurous emotions.

And you will already know that, if you are able to trigger the emotions of your potential client, you will have more possibilities of turning them into real clients.

In fact, nowadays, people are not only looking to purchase a product or service but rather to live an experience.

If you introduce them to the experience they are going to have by arousing their emotions with drone videos, they will be more willing to pay more for the experience.

Later on, we will show you the advantages of using video in your company, as well as the platforms where you can download the best aerial videos from the Internet.

But now we’ll focus on answering one of the questions that have probably crossed your mind.

Why use aerial videos in my productions?

We could give you several reasons why using aerial videos in your productions is a fantastic idea.

But let’s summarize them all in three simple ideas.

You will differentiate yourself from your competition

Today, almost everyone has one or more high-quality cameras in their pocket.

And this makes it much easier to create top quality video from a smartphone.

vídeos aereos de archivoThat’s why you can no longer compete with other agencies or audiovisual creators in video quality, but you will have to differentiate yourself in the way you present your content.

The videos recorded from drones will give you that differential touch you need to make your productions stand out from those of your competition.

You will create a ‘WOW’ effect on your viewers

In addition to setting yourself apart from your competition, aerial videos achieve that ‘WOW’ effect that people like so much.

The fact is that these videos show the views of the best landscapes throughout the world in an absolutely spectacular way, as you have seen in the previous video.

filmaciones aéreas con dronesThey trigger exciting emotions in us and keep us absorbed in the video as if there were nothing else around us. 

Something that, on the other hand, you can use to get your message across while your viewers are almost hypnotized.

You will increase the number of reproductions (and sales)

For the duration of your presentation, you will almost certainly have the attention of your viewers.

That can only mean the following: they will be more likely to listen to your message and act on it.

However, if what you show in your video is boring footage, you will lose their attention, your video will have fewer plays and, as a consequence, worse money results.

With the dynamic use of videos recorded by drones you will increase the time your viewers are watching your video, you will have more chances for them to share your content.

Do you know what that means? More plays and also more potential sales.

grabaciones con droneYou want these results too, don’t you?

So don’t worry, because we’ll soon see how you can get the best aerial shots.

But first, let’s solve another one of your doubts.

Should I buy a drone and record my own aerial videos?

You could do it like this.

However, there are some drawbacks you should be aware of.

The first one is the learning curve.

Learning to master and operate a drone from scratch can take many, many hours.

In fact, the most experienced drone operators have hundreds of hours under their belts and have even had to take many courses to learn.

Are you willing to spend all those hours learning how to operate a drone to record professional videos?

vídeos aéreos de stockIt may not pay off, but if the answer is “yes”, be prepared for another downside: the price.

Did you know that professional drones cost hundreds of dollars?

At least those who shoot half-decent videos do.

However, if you are looking for top quality results, you can even prepare to pay 1,000 dollars, 5,000 dollars and even 15,000 dollars!

Maybe at this point, you’re thinking that it doesn’t worth spending so much time and investment to get good aerial shots.

And we would agree with you!

Mainly because there are much cheaper alternatives than buying your own drone and much faster than spending hundreds or thousands of hours learning how to operate it.

The 3 best platforms where to find aerial stock videos

No, you clearly don’t need a drone.

And no, you probably don’t need to hire a drone operator to record custom aerial videos either.

But most likely you need drone videos of the highest quality and at the best possible price.

In other words, stock aerial footage.

In that case, we have good news.

In fact, up to three ‘good news’.
tomas con drone

Because below we are going to show you the best 3 platforms with stock videos that you can find on the Internet.

In these platforms, you will find hundreds of top quality aerial videos, as well as other types of videos that will surely be useful in your productions.

Do you want to discover them?

Well, let’s do it!


Artgrid is one of the reference platforms in the industry of audiovisual stock material.

In fact, many content creators are surprised by how quickly it has become one of the largest websites with stock videos in the market.

Despite the fact that it was created in 2019, its growth has been as fast as its musical ‘big sister’, Artlist.

With a huge video library full of stock footage in HD, 4K and 8K, Argrid is the tool every content creator would need.

By navigating through its intuitive menus you will realize how easy it is to find those drone videos you are looking for for your project.

It will be as easy as clicking on the ‘Video Themes’ filter, selecting “Aerial”, previewing the video that catches your attention, and downloading it.

Although you will also have the opportunity to use its precise search engine to then filter the content and find the video you want to download.

Easy, isn’t it?

Artgrid Subscription Plans

Artgrid works through subscription plans.

This means that, for a small amount of money per month, you can choose to download all the videos you need from the platform.

And you can use them for life, without restrictions of any kind.

They currently have three different subscription plans, to make sure they cover your needs 100%.

These plans are Artgrid Junior HD, Artgrid Creador 4K and Artgrid Pro RAW/LOG, and below you can see the comparison chart between them, as well as their particular features.





HD Clips

HD Clips

HD Clips

H.264 format

H.264 format

H.264 format

Graded material

Graded material

Graded material

Artgrid Universal License

Artgrid Universal License

Artgrid Universal License

Unlimited downloads

Unlimited downloads

Unlimited downloads

1-year subscription plan

1-year subscription plan

1-year subscription plan


4K Clips

4K Clips


ProRes / DNxHR

ProRes / DNxHR


RAW / LOG clips


Image registration


8K Clips

How much do Artgrid’s plans cost?

The prices of the different subscriptions of Artgrid are as follows:

  • Artgrid Junior HD: $24.92 per month ($299 per year)
  • Artgrid Creator 4K: $39.92 per month ($479 per year)
  • Artgrid Pro RAW/LOG: $49.92 per month ($599 per year)

However, you can still get a better price.

Artgrid is giving away for a limited time a two-month free trial period to all new customers.

All you have to do is subscribe to their mailing list through this link and choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Don’t miss this opportunity and take advantage of it before it flies.

Envato Elements

If you are a creator of audiovisual content, surely you know Envato Elements.

But if not, let me tell you that it is one of the most complete platforms, not only to get stock aerial videos but also to get other archive material like:

  • Photos
  • Music
  • Sound Effects
  • Video Templates
  • and much more!

The purpose for which this platform was created back in 2006 was to make available for creative professionals like you a catalog with plenty of resources for taking your projects to another level.

And among those resources are, of course, the drone videos.

envatoelementsYou only have to use its search engine, write “Aerial” and you will have at your disposal a whole collection of aerial videos of different lengths, qualities, or fps, among other filters.

You will be able to preview all of them without having to buy your subscription.

And if you find the aerial video or videos that you were looking for (and you will surely find them), then you could already consider acquiring its subscription.

And how much does the Envato Elements subscription cost?

Well, the truth is that very little for the large amount of material you will find.

Moreover, unlike Artgrid, Envato Elements only offers a type of subscription, where you can make unlimited downloads of any stock material, not just videos.

las mejores webs de videos de stockFor only $16,40 per month (if you make a single annual payment), you will have at your disposal what many consider “the ultimate creative tool”.

And if you try it and are not convinced, it’s okay, because you can cancel your subscription at any time.

But I assure you that if you try it, you won’t need to cancel it, because you’ll love it!

Do you want to try it out and see what it can do?


Completing the podium of the three best platforms for finding quality aerial videos is Storyblocks.

storyblocksJust like Envato Elements, Storyblocks is a complete solution for content creators and agencies where videos are an important part.

However, one could say that it is a ‘reduced’ version of Envato Elements, and soon you will understand why.

But first I’ll introduce you to the subscription plans it offers.

Storyblocks Subscription Plans

It currently has three different plans.

The most basic of all is the Basic Video plan.

This subscription allows you to access their huge library of stock videos and download up to 5 videos per month in HD format.

Considering its low price of $20 per month -for the monthly payment- or $10 per month -made in a single annual payment of $120- it can be a good plan for first-time creators.

However, if you think you need more than 5 aerial videos per month, or you want the possibility of unlimited downloads, Storyblocks has the perfect plan for you.

drone aerial footageThis is the Unlimited Video plan, through which you can download as many videos as you want, and not only in HD, but also in 4K format.

In addition, it will allow you to download and use After Effects templates in your projects.

Its price, however, rises slightly to $50 per month -paid monthly- or $240 -paid annually; approximately $20 / month.

This is the plan to which the great majority of demanding creatives usually subscribe.

But there’s more.

There are those who not only need stock videos in their projects, but also photographs, music, and sound effects.

If you also need this kind of material in your work, you’re in luck, because Storyblocks has made the Unlimited All Access plan available to you.

With this subscription you will have unlimited access to all the material on the platform, that is:

  • Stock videos in HD and 4K
  • After Effects Templates
  • Music tracks
  • Sound effects
  • Photographs
  • Vectors
  • Illustrations

Everything a content creator needs for only $30 per month – for the annual payment of $360 – or $65 per month paid monthly.

Now do you understand why it can look like Envato Elements?

Your Unlimited All Access plan offers you a large amount of stock material in one subscription.

But before you decide on any of the three plans, let me tell you that all plans have the Storyblocks Standard License, which allows you:

  • Use and maintain downloaded content forever.
  • Have peace of mind in regards to copyrights (100% royalty-free files).
  • Use downloads without distribution or production budget restrictions.

That said, now you can choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Or if you prefer, you can take a look at the platform and enjoy its aerial videos.

What do you think? Do you want to find out what Storyblocks is capable of?

The importance of using aerial videos in your business

You already know the best platforms on the Internet to get the highest quality aerial videos.

But why are they so important for your business?

Well, video is one of the best ways to promote your products, your services or your audiovisual projects.

This is demonstrated by dozens of studies on the influence of video in marketing. But, beyond showing you numbers, I will tell you that, nowadays, video is the biggest attention grabber around.

This is something that is seen in many sectors such as real estate, resorts, or weddings, and special occasions.

All of them have known how to exploit the potential of aerial videos to multiply their sales.

Do you know why?

Because they offer something new to the potential client.

People get used to advertising impacts quickly.

Where we used to see a couple of images and it was enough to get our attention, now it is no longer enough.

The same goes for the video.

It used to be very common to create image presentations in video format with messages about the product or service.

And they were more effective than looking at the images individually.

However, this technique is no longer effective.

People have also become used to this type of video, which is perceived as a lack of personality and professionalism.

Videos de drones increiblesThat WOW effect has been lost.

The same effect that aerial shots accomplish.

Let’s show you an example so you can see it more clearly.

Imagine a real estate agency that wants to sell a property.

Will it cause the same impact on you if you see a few pictures as if you see the following video?

Not really, right?

Do you see the effect that the aerial shots cause and how they can positively influence your business?

If you manage to stir up the emotions of your viewers, you will be taking a very important step towards making them your future customers.


When you landed on this article you may not have been entirely clear.

But now you have no doubt:

Drone videos are a key element in improving the marketing of your business and increasing visualizations and sales!

In this age where technology is advancing so fast, you must adapt just as quickly to grow your business.

toma aéreaAnd to achieve this, not only you will need video as an indispensable element, but you will also need to add aerial shots that will leave your viewers speechless.

However, now you can be relieved:

You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars in buying a drone or spend hundreds of hours learning how to use it to achieve that effect on your users.

You will only need to invest a small monthly amount to have at your disposal the best stock video sites on the Internet.

We refer, of course, to Artgrid, Envato Elements, and Storyblocks.

In them, you will find a large number of aerial videos in HD, 4K, and even 8K qualities, as well as the possibility of enjoying other types of stock material for your videos (music tracks, sound effects, images, and much more!).

You also know the differences between these platforms, both in features and prices.

Now you only need to choose one of them along with the subscription plan that best suits your needs.

Take your next project to new heights with the best aerial shots you can find!

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