Copyright-Free Video Loops

If you are active on social networks, consume content on blogs or frequent platforms such as YouTube, you will have noticed a type of content that has become very fashionable: video loops.

As you could see in the video above, this type of video is based on repeating an audiovisual piece indefinitely, looking for an ‘infinite video’ effect.

Due to the huge impact of platforms such as TikTok, Instagram or Facebook, as well as the growing number of Youtubers and Streamers in the market, there is an increasing demand for content that includes video loops.

But, where can we find this kind of looped videos? Should we take into account copyright? Can we create our own or is it not worth it?

Descargar bucles sin copyrightThere are many questions that our readers have asked us about video loops.

Throughout this guide we will answer many of these questions and help you find top quality video loops on the best platforms all over the Internet.

But before we do that, we think it’s important for you to know why these videos should be royalty-free.

Copyright in video loops

As with other digital goods such as songs or images, videos are also copyrighted.

Therefore, in order to use them legally, you must obtain the corresponding licenses in exchange for a certain amount of money.

It is true that, unlike the music industry, it is not usually necessary to pay large amounts of money for videos, unless you are using scenes from famous movies for commercial use.

Descargar loops en video sin copyrightHowever, if you are looking for video loops, you don’t have to worry too much about copyright, as most of them are under Creative Commons licenses.

Looped videos under Creative Commons licenses

This license offers the author of the video loop to grant permission to the public to share and use his video under the terms he deems appropriate.

There are 4 different conditions, and depending on how they are combined, the loop can be used in a certain project or in another. These are:

  • Attribution (A): In any use of the loop, it will be necessary to mention the author of the loop.
  • Non Commercial (NC): The loop may not be used for commercial purposes, i.e., it may not be used to make money directly or indirectly.
  • No Derivate Works (ND): The loop may not be used to create another video derived from it.
  • Share Alike (SA): You can use the loop to create other videos, as long as the new video maintains the same license as the video with the Creative Commons license.

The disadvantages of using loops under Creative Commons licenses

On the Internet you will find a large list of stock video sites, and of course, with loops.

However, you should be careful about using the ones that are protected with Creative Commons license.

Although many of them are free, they have hidden disadvantages that can prevent you from using the loop as you need.

  1. The first one is that you will almost always have to mention the author of the loop, something that may be perceived by your audience as unprofessional.
  2. The other drawback is that you will not always be able to use this type of loop for projects that are monetized or for commercial purposes.

For this you must make sure that it is not under the Non-Commercial condition (NC) of the Creative Commons licenses, something difficult to know in many occasions since it is not clearly expressed in some platforms.

So, if you want to use video loops in a simpler way and avoid this kind of disadvantage, you can do it in the following ways.

The 3 ways to get your video loops royalty-free

There are three ways to get your hands on video loops that you can use in any of your projects without having to worry about copyright.

The hard way: create it on your own

If you record your own content and edit it into professional loops, you will be the owner of that content and will not be accountable to anyone for using it in your audiovisual projects.

However, for the final piece to be of high quality, you will need to get professional recording equipment, learn the correct video recording and editing techniques, and spend a lot of time and money to master it.

The expensive way: have someone else do it for you

Another option is to hire a professional who already has that professional recording equipment, the expertise in creating loops and who is willing to create it for you, giving you the copyright of the clip.

Of course, these type of services are very personalized and usually have a huge economic cost associated with them.

The simple and economical way: royalty-free looping videos

There are many platforms on the Internet with stock videos, that is, libraries with thousands of videos on demand of different themes that you can use without any restriction in your commercial projects.

This is because they themselves have the use licenses for each of the videos on their platform, so you will avoid any present or future problems regarding copyright.

Descargar bucles de video sin derechos de autorAnd in terms of price, they usually have affordable monthly or annual subscriptions, although some of them also offer you the possibility of acquiring just the loop you need and pay for it.

No doubt, this is the best option of the 3 to get royalty-free loops, mainly because:

  • It will save you a lot of time, since you won’t have to create your own content.
  • It will save you a lot of money, since you won’t have to buy your own recording equipment or hire anyone.
  • It solves the usual cumbersome copyright issues.

The 5 best platforms with royalty-free video loops

We have just mentioned 3 advantages of opting for copyright-free video services, however, when you get to know each platform separately, you realize that there are many hidden benefits you didn’t know about.

At LegisVideo we have had the opportunity to test the vast majority of them and we have been able to enjoy these advantages first hand.

Therefore, we have compiled what we consider to be the 5 best so that you too can discover the advantages of each service and consciously choose the one that best suits your needs.

Envato Elements

envatoelementsWithin the digital asset market, Envato Elements is one of the undisputed market leaders.

It has been offering professional creative solutions of all kinds since 2006, such as:

  • Stock Music
  • WordPress Templates
  • Stock images
  • Sound effects
  • Stock videos

Between all these digital assets they add up to more than 54 million creative assets, and if we only look at what is related to videos and stock loops, they exceed 1.7 million files, which can be filtered by:

  • Properties
  • Categories
  • Minimum resolution
  • Frames per second (FPS)
  • Duration

It also has an excellent search engine so that you can find the theme of the loop you want to find.

However, this task will be much easier, since in the filter categories there is one called “Motion Graphics”, with more than 155,000 video loops.

When you select it, the following filter menu will open:

como hacer un bucle

As you can see, Envato Elements provides you with a huge library of video loops, divided into different themes to make it very easy for you to find exactly what you need.

You can download as many as you want unlimitedly and use them in your commercial projects with nothing to worry about once you subscribe to the platform.

This subscription has a monthly cost of 29€ per month, and not only includes the category of loops or stock videos, but also includes full access to all the music, video templates, images and all the material on the platform.

We recommend you take a look at their entire catalog without commitment, and if you see that it is the platform you were looking for, you can save a lot of money by opting for the annual subscription, which would reduce the monthly cost to 14.50 € per month.

Discover now all that Envato Elements can do for you.


placeitAlso owned by Envato Market -like Envato Elements-, PlaceIt is a platform focused on creating high-quality branding and marketing assets.

Among all that you can find on their website are everything from mockups or logos to any kind of design, and of course, stock videos.

They have a wide library of royalty-free videos, as well as a good search engine that will make for you to find the loops for your project.

Just type “loop” in it and you will get several results:

como poner un video en bucle

In addition, PlaceIt also provides its users with a video editor on its platform where they can edit their audiovisual pieces, something perfect for creators who are just starting to take their first steps.

And they even provide you with a GIF creator, in which, with three simple steps, you can transform your videos into a moving image in the form of a loop.

descargar video loops gratis

Keeping the same policy as Envato Elements, PlaceIt also has a monthly subscription in which, for only $14.95 per month, you will have access to its entire catalog, including designs, logos, mockups and videos.

Access the platform for free to see all their available material, and if you see that you are interested and want to spend more than a month enjoying this service, it also has an annual subscription of $89.69 per year ($7.47 per month), something that will allow you to save 50%.


artgridWith a shorter run in the copyright-free video industry than the previous platforms, but with enough features to hold its own with them, is Artgrid.

This service created in 2019 has managed to position itself among the best ones in its niche, getting many content creators to migrate from their previous platforms to Artgrid.

Although it does not have a video library as extensive as its competitors, the quality of its pieces is excellent, created exclusively by the best freelancers across the planet.

In addition, the design of its website is extremely intuitive, with minimalist and always visible menus that will facilitate the task of finding the loops you were looking for.

You only have to type “loop” in their search engine to get dozens of video loops that you can preview at no cost.

However, to be able to download them and use them in your projects, you must subscribe to one of the three available plans, whose features and price vary depending on the video quality you need and its format.

video bucle fondo

If after visiting Artgrid you are convinced by its content and you want to subscribe, you can get 2 months free by subscribing through this link or by clicking on the following button.


Videvo is one of the most talk-about platforms among the community of content creators.

It has the best of a platform with free stock videos and the best of a service with copyright-free stock videos.

In its library you can find almost 150,000 video clips, of which:

  • 138,000 are royalty-free (the rest under Creative Commons licenses).
  • 8,900 are free.
  • 8,700 are loops.

In fact, referring to video loops, it has the category Motion Graphics, where you will find all the ones it has at your disposal, both free and premium.

You will be able to recognize them easily, as shown in the following image:

loops de video sin derechos de autor

Not only that, but you will also have a filter menu, where you can select videos by:

  • Resolution (720p, 1080p or 4K).
  • License Type (Creative Commons BY 3.0, Attribution or Royalty-Free).
  • Clip Type (Free, Premium or Editorial).
  • Duration (From zero to more than 2 minutes).
  • Categories (Up to 25 to choose from).

It should be said that, although Videvo has free material and much of it is under the drawbacks you already know about Creative Commons licenses, the vast majority of its library is paid for under the Videvo Lite, Plus and Pro plans.

video loop

As you can see, all their plans are extremely economical for everything they offer.

Although they can be even cheaper -and with better conditions- if you subscribe to any of their Plus and Pro plans on an annual basis.

  • With the annual Videvo Plus Plan ($144 per year), you will have unlimited downloads and the proportional cost per month will be $12 instead of $14.99.
  • With the annual Videvo Pro Plan ($240 per year), in addition to unlimited downloads, you will also have all the music and sound effects at your disposal, reducing the monthly cost to $20 instead of $24.99.

To find out if Videvo is the platform you are looking for, it is best to take a look at it without any commitment and see all the material you will have at your fingertips.

So access now by clicking on the following button and discover its full potential.


And to finish our list of the best platforms with stock videos, VideoHive could not be missing.

videohiveAs with Envato Elements and PlaceIt, this service also belongs to the marketplace Envato Market, so, as you’ve already seen with the previous platforms, the quantity and quality of its videos are guaranteed.

When you enter it, you will realize that it will be quite familiar to you. The user experience has many similarities to PlaceIt.

In fact, not only do they provide stock videos, but they also offer a lot of creative solutions.

convertir video en bucle online

Among them, as you can see, there is one in particular that interests you: Motion Graphics.

There you will find all the video loops that VideoHive has, although you can type “loop” in the search engine and more than 275,000 files will appear, which you can filter according to:

  • Category
  • Tag
  • Rating
  • Date the loop was added
  • Resolution
  • FPS
  • Duration
  • Number of sales
  • Price

Indeed, the price is something in which VideoHive differs from the aforementioned platforms.

And the fact is that, unlike them, it does not go for a subscription system, but prefers to offer its videos separately so that people can purchase them individually.

This feature is very useful for professionals who are looking for a single loop and do not want to be temporarily subscribed to a particular platform.

If that’s your case, VideoHive makes it very easy: you enter the platform, search for the loop you need and, once you find it, you pay for it and forget about everything else.

Enter VideoHive now and be amazed with its collection of video loops.

¿Cómo crear un video en bucle? Tutorial Adobe Premiere Pro

After discovering the best platforms where you can find royalty-free video loops, it’s time to see how to create that looping video you need.

It is true that, many times, the beginning and the end of stock loops coincide, so you only need to duplicate the video as many times as you want and put each part at the end of the previous one.

This way, you will be left with a perfectly looped video.

However, this premise is not always true.

Sometimes the beginning and the end of the looped video do not match, in which case you will need to use a trick that is often used by professional video editors.

In the following video you can find out what this trick is and how to do it in a simple Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial.


Loops are a very original type of video and increasingly used in a multitude of sectors and by a growing number of content creators.

Therefore, they are clips that can not be missed if you are looking for that “infinite loop” effect.

To achieve this type of video you have already seen that you can do it in three ways:

  • The slow way, creating them on your own.
  • The expensive way, hiring a professional to make them for you.
  • The easy and cheaper way, by downloading them from platforms with stock videos.

If you’ve come this far, it’s because you were looking for royalty-free video loops, and we imagine that you don’t want to spend an exaggerated amount of money to get them.

Therefore, your best option is to access a platform with stock video loops.

Now, luckily, you know the best ones on the market:

Each of them has its own special features and a large number of high-quality videos, including loops – called “Motion Graphics” on some websites.

And depending on your preferences, needs, or budget, you can choose between one or the other platform.

So discover them by visiting each one of them and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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